Assignment: Young and the Restless

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Assignment: Young and the Restless

Assignment: Young and the Restless


Week 11: Couples Therapy Movie Experience & Paper (28 points)


Couples Therapy Movie/TV Experience & Analysis Paper (Due week 11): 28 points


Couples Therapy Movies Experience & Analysis Paper based is based on the UCLA Marriage Enrichment Program & Happily Ever After The Movies & Relationship Study (A research study that is being conducted by Professor Ronald D. Rogge from the University of Rochester’s Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology) as well as the “PAIR Program” Promoting Awareness and Improving Relationships with Movies, my experience as a LMHC, LPC and LMFT Clinical Supervisor, Prepare/Enrich Certified Marital Counselor, Certified Supreme Court Mediator, and Certified Parent Coordinator.



“A recent study at UCLA of Couples after the first 3 years of marriage (Roggie, et al., 2014) suggested that couples felt enriched by watching movies together and then “engaging in relationship focused” discussions after each movie. In these conversations the couple would discuss how their relationship was similar to different from the intimate relationship portrayed in each movie.’


This is a self-growth and Movie/TV analysis experience activity. Ideally doing this with a partner would be fun however not required. You can do this alone and base it on a relationship you had or one you hope to have or your family. It is not important to disclose if it is your relationship that you are using if you do not want to however be consistent with who you are using in your reflections.


The best approach to this assignment is to pick a show or a movie and watch it the beginning of the term and then at the end unless you choose a TV show to “binge” watch as part of this class or over the 3 months of class to immerse yourself into the show and couples you will be assessing and exploring in this project and take notes based on the assessment questions each time you watch the movie/show.


You will be looking at the following objectives for the couple:


•    Explore strength and growth areas

•    Strengthen communication skills

•    Identify and manage major stressors

•    Conflict resolution abilities

•    Develop a more balanced relationship

•    Explore family of origin issues

•    Discuss financial planning and budgeting

•    Establish personal, couple and family goals

•    Understand and appreciate personality differences


Your Task (Cut and Paste these questions into a WORD document and create a template to use while watching movies/TV shows of your choice):


1) Pick 1 movie or “binge” watch a TV show (at least 4-6 episodes) related to Couples and Family.


2) Answer the following questions in a journal format or paper if you choose referencing the TV show/movies you watch, your text and other Couple and Family Therapy resources you use to support your thoughts/ideas.


1.     What movie/TV shows did you watch? List the name of the show/date/and title of the TV show for reference.


2.     What was the main relationship portrayed in the movie/TV show? What are the names of the characters on the show and what actors played those characters? *This is the relationship you will be focusing on for your analysis.


3.     Presenting Problems: What main problems did the couple face? Are any similar to the problems that you have ever faced in your relationship as a couple, past relationship as a couple or as a family?

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