Education Topics – 50 Best Research Paper For Your Education Writing

Research paper writing is a technical job that normally eats up hours of a student’s life. Despite it being a commonly recurring part of a student’s academic life, one can never get entirely used to it. While students may get used to submitting such research papers on tight deadlines as they have to deal with at least once every semester for most of the subjects, they never seem to get used to the requirements of extensive research and impeccable writing.

Most of the time, the extra pile of academic or personal life work gets in the way of writing exemplary research papers and submitting them before the due time. This acts as a major reason behind students turning towards education essay writing service providers and acquiring professional help from external resources.


Finding the right topic and being confident in it can make the biggest difference in minimizing stress and working freely. With that being said, it is also important to remember that there are times when you will be given a topic from the school. In such cases, the research and the approach you take for the topic can define your confidence and freedom to write. But most of the time, students are asked to come up with a topic themselves through research.

As a matter of fact, the discussion you build around a topic can be more substantial than the topic itself. You can flip a topic from being uninteresting to a unique and intriguing one. This will, in turn, aid in impressing your professors and earning their respect.

In this article, we have talked about the ways of choosing an interesting topic, what makes a topic substantial, and back it with some examples to help you craft an exemplary research paper and secure high grades. This article is purposed towards helping students write impeccable research papers, learn the art of choosing the right topic, and secure high grades to elevate their academic accomplishments with every passing semester.

Tips on Selecting the Best Research Paper Topic

Before we move to the examples of the best research paper topics, we would like to settle the quarrel of what are the best tips for selecting a research paper topic that enables high grades. The first and foremost thing to remember while selecting a topic is that it should be something between the lines of boring and immensely complicated, which can seem like an overdone. While an intriguing topic is good for sparking interest in the readers, a highly tricky topic can take all of that interest out of the reader at the same time. So, make sure that the topic is a good balance of easy to read, interesting, and intriguing, here are some tips to help you:

Choose a Topic that Interests You

This goes without saying but choosing a topic that sparks your passion and is something that interests you will give you an upper hand and help you secure high grades. You will never be able to jot down an interesting and argumentative research paper if the topic of it doesn’t interest you or is too critical for your knowledge. Therefore, choosing a topic that revolves around your understanding and knowledge becomes highly important. For most of the lucky students, getting a topic that is inside the barriers of your interest is as fortunate as it can get.

Having a topic that sparks your passion will help you in diving deep into its knowledge, research well, and write impeccably about them with improved exploration. For example, if science is a subject that gives your brain a kick, then you must choose a topic in that vicinity so that you can add everything valuable in the paper.

Choose a Clear Topic

Another thing that should be taken into consideration while selecting a topic is that it should be clear to understand and talk about. The audience would be more attracted to a topic that is engaging, relatively simple and interesting at the same time, and clear to understand. To properly interpret things, make sure you ask questions if the need be. In order to write confidently, show you have in-depth knowledge of the topic, and impress the readers, clarity and being a master at the topic gives you an upper hand.

Write Precisely and Specifically

Writing a research paper is not like writing any normal descriptive essay that students do on a regular basis. In fact, research papers are far more specific and to the point compared to any other academic task. While mostly the research is extensive, you must know how to concise all the strong arguments and write them in a precise way. A research paper that is relevant, backed with facts and referenced and connected to other scholarly articles is something that is the best example of an accurate work of art.

Write with Innovation

At the time of researching for a topic, you may realize that you cannot be highly innovative with a specific kind of information. For example, how innovative can one get about the French Revolution of Pearl Harbor? While it may not be easy to show innovation in a research paper, it can surely give you an upper hand over other students. Eliminate the sense of plagiarism or repetitiveness, and give your research an entirely new surprising and different approach. With a little more deep research, you can even discover new things about a topic that will blow the reader’s mind. Try adding that into the paper at all costs. With this approach, you can impress the professors and secure high grades.

The Best Research Paper Topics by Category

Now that we are done with the basic tips necessary for writing an impeccable research paper, it is time to move ahead. So let’s have a look on a more important aspect of the article – the list of topics you can craft exemplary research papers on by category:

Argumentative Topics

  • Can athletes be good models?
  • Who should we blame for homelessness?
  • Are minimum wages for men and women different? If yes, then how?
  • Can shorter working weeks be more productive for the employees?
  • Alcohol and what should be the ideal age of consuming it?

Persuasive Topics

  • The use of animals for research experiments should be a crime.
  • Why must parents monitor their child’s screen activity and time?
  • The rise of domestic violence and why it should be taken seriously.
  • The role of parental restrictions in limiting children’s exposure to media.
  • The increase in cybercrime. Why should it be regulated?
  • America must work on a policy of limiting involvement in global conflicts.

Controversial Topics

  • Why should gay partners be given equal respect in societies and during child adoption?
  • Why are surrogate mothers seen with a different view by our society?
  • How can violence shown in the media have a negative impact on an individual?
  • The lack of STEM subjects and why should they be made mandatory?
  • Importance of sex education for middle schoolers.
  • What is the role of homework in the 21st century and how is making students unproductive?
  • The importance of educating growing women on equal rights.
  • Cyberbullying is causing more damage to individuals around the world. How should it be regulated?

Other Topics For 2020

  • How is college preparing students for job markets?
  • Should colleges teach faith-based courses?
  • The importance of special accommodation facilities for disabled students.
  • Postmodern world and the changed view of marriage.
  • A man and a woman’s heart are different, is it true?
  • The benefits of parenting and childbearing on health.
  • Negative effects of child labor.
  • Why are ethics in business significant and how can they be regulated?
  • Effects of cross-border BPO on a country’s gross domestic product.
  • Characteristics of companies making it to the top in 2020
  • Negative effects of terrorism on businesses.
  • Do universities only care about money anymore? How and why?
  • How to prevent the rising cases of rapes?
  • The significance of license gun holding.
  • How difficult is it to find jobs for ex-convicts?
  • Is there a benefit of colleges paying student-athletes?
  • What should be promotions based on in workplaces?
  • How is SEO helping online businesses today?
  • Significance of women athletes in extreme sports.
  • The change feminism has brought into America.

High School Topics

  • Should the use of smartphones be legalized in schools?
  • Importance of training high schoolers of leadership.
  • Why must secondary school take measures to harness the skills of debating in students?
  • Plato’s mathematics philosophy.

College Topics

  • Thermal planta and construction and design
  • The positive impacts of free software movement on the world.
  • Cognitive development in children.
  • The importance of elevated health-care needs by the government.
  • How can the behavior of voters affect pre-election campaigns?
  • Colleges and the importance of taking tuitions to succeed.
  • Mensuration and its effects on the mental and physical well-being of young girls.
  • How is substance abuse affecting the behavior and performance of students in college and in the society? What policies must the government make in order to regulate substance abuse?

With the aforementioned education topics, we hope you will be able to select one of your choice and interest.