How Do Schools and Colleges Students Spend Their Time

In today’s date and time, students are living an entirely different life as compared to the 19th and 18th century. The students of the 21st century are living fast-paced lives and do not spend time like the students of the 19th or the 18th century. Between parties, sports, schools, studies, tutoring, and gymnastics, children are left with a lot less free time to enjoy luxuries than ever before. With advancements in technologies and our lives getting more fast-paced than ever, students seem to always indulge in maintaining a certain structure of life. Amongst all the stress of work and studies, enjoying free time can get highly difficult for some students.

According to a lot of researchers and surveys, it was proven that living a structured life can be highly beneficial for the future of the students. Parents who keep their students busy in academic and non-academic curriculums to keep them on the right track and help them in living a structured life. The researchers have also through surveys that students of this date and time are living a spending time in a different way than the students of some centuries ago. This is how students today are doing so:

In Front of the Screens

With the easy accessibility to the internet, phones, iPods, laptops, and much more advanced technology gadgets, it is no surprise that most of a student’s time is spent in front of different screens. In fact, if it comes down to them, students would prefer to spend all of their time in front of the screens. With the passage of time, the hours spent in front of the television and mobile phone screens has increased drastically. As researched by the BBC, in the year 1990, children of the age of 16 in the United Kingdom are spending an average screen time of 3 hours or sometimes more.

However, when that was compared to the year 2015, the children of the United Kingdom were found spending an average of 6 and a half hours per day in front of their mobile phones, TV, or other gadget screens. This increase in screen time drastically increased in recent years as well. With easier accessibility and reach to the internet and advanced technology gadgets, and the influence of online education, the screen time is gradually increasing with every passing day of the college and school students.

Lesser Time Outside

According to a survey conducted by the National Trust, it was discovered that students of the 21st century spend half the time outside of what they were in the previous centuries. It all once again comes to the use and accessibility of the internet. With increasing screen time, a sharp decrease in the time spent outdoors has also been noticed. This keeps on increasing with every passing day despite the fact that parents agree with the phenomena of connection with nature now more than ever. It was found out that 96% of parents believed in pushing students to have a connection with nature but were unable to make a difference because of the advancements of technology.

Lesser Sleep Time

If we compare the students of this century with the students of the 19th and 18th century, today’s kids are getting far less sleep time than ever before. After hours of spending time in co-curriculum activities all day, like drum lessons, basketballs practices, dance classes, math or English tutoring, a student is not left with enough time to rest in a day. There are only enough hours in a day that students can spend and manage everything perfectly.

According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, it was found out that kids of the age of 13 should get at least get 9 to 11 hours of sleep. Whereas the students between the age of 14 to 17 should at least get 8 to 10 hours of sleep on a daily basis. However, according to the surveys and researchers, students nowadays get extremely busy because of their tight schedules and get no spare time to have proper sleep time. If it’s not because of the hectic academic demands, it is because of the excessive screen time.

Coping Up With Homework

Be it university students, colleges, or school going children, they have to deal with heaps of assignments and homework almost all their academic lives. While homework comes of a lot of help as a means of teaching students, it can cause a lot of harm when given excessively as well. A lot of assignments and homework for university, college, or school students keeps the students stressed, busy, and up at night most of the time.

As a matter of fact, according to a research paper that was published in PISA in focus, more than 4 hours of homework in an average week can prove to be damaging and brings a student’s academic performance down. Other than that, when a student stays spiraled in assignments for most of their free time, they will have little to no time left to learn and perform other activities.

Generally Less time for Students

When talked about the students of kindergarten, it has been proven that they generally have lesser time in a day compared to teenagers and adults. As stated by a study in Pediatrics, more and more children are facing the consequences of declining free time for children. Traditionally, the time that was used for outdoor activities is now replaced with extracurricular and extra-long hours in school nowadays. This automatically results in lesser mental, emotional, physical, and social energy for students to take out leisure time for themselves.

Final Thoughts

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