How to Write English Essay Writing Guide For Students

Essay writing can haunt several students in their colleges or universities because it requires time, ample amount of research and composition skills. And not all students are well-versed about the essay writing tips especially when it comes to the subject English. The course includes essays that require impeccable understanding of the English grammar, sentence structuring, and composition of the content. If a student is weak and does not have good command over English language, they would definitely struggle in composing good English essays.

If your teacher has given you anther English essay to write, your fingers may be finding difficulty in reaching the keyboard especially if you are not well-versed with the subject’s core writing methods. We can understand how intimidating it can become for you, but with this blog series, we are sure you will be well-equipped in handling any English essay topic with ease. Keep reading to explore the guide for your essay.

Understand the Type of Essay

There are many different types of essays including reflective, narrative, argumentative, and persuasive. Therefore, when you are in your college or university life, you will be required to compose any one of the aforementioned types of essays. Regardless of the type of essay you are required to write, you should first understand the type of essay you have to work on. If you are presenting an overview or telling a story about a topic, then you should comply with the narrative essay assignment guidelines.

After clearly understand the type of the essay, you will be able to form the essay specific to the assignment requirements and just like your instructor requires. Therefore, the first step is to understand the type of your essay in order to determine the accurate writing style and compose the targeted essay accordingly.

Create an Outline of the Essay

After understanding the type of your essay, several things will be cleared in your head regarding the approach, writing style, and tonality of your paper. After the first step of understanding your assignment, you should then create an outline of your essay as that is your roadmap towards writing the complete essay. The outline will surely guide you through the finished product that is your essay.

When you create an outline, you will be able to organize your thoughts and topics. Firstly, you should write the topic on the top of the age then you should include all the points or arguments you want to include in your essay topic. Lastly, you should list all the facts, figures, examples, and statistics that back these arguments and points.

Develop a Thesis Statement

After creating an outline, you should then develop a thesis statement to inform your readers as to what will be your point. Your thesis statement will form a question as to what you will be answering under the essay topic. Precisely, it is an introduction to your conclusion. Students are advised to keep the thesis statement as specific as possible. Also, the statement must only and only address one main idea which is the major one that they are focusing on.

Compose the Introduction of the Topic

The first paragraph of the essay should include the introduction. This is the section where you will introduce the topic or provide direction to the readers as to what the essay is all about. The introduction would discuss the main idea, state your thesis, inform what the essay would include, and points and arguments that your thesis will support. Also, always remember that your introduction will set the tone of your English essay.

One of the key tips to compose the introduction is to write in a catchy and an impressive manner to grab the reader’s attention. Compose it clearly and with interest for the audience. In order to capture the reader’s attention, you can make the topic challenging or present some surprising facts and figures or information in order to entice the audience.

Write the Main Body of the English Essay

The main body of the English essay provides the details of your introductory section which supports your thesis. You should discuss each and every point in the main body of your English essay that you have discussed in your introduction section. While writing the main body, you should be careful to present the facts and figures where you have to summarize all points and explain how they feel the topic sentence is true. After that, you should support the arguments with evidence such as quotes, facts, statistics, and examples.

Conclude Your Essay

After your have written the catchy introduction, main body supporting by the evidences and verifiable sources, you can then conclude your essay with a precise summary of the whole English essay. This last section gives closure to the reader. Ideally, it is composed of 3 to 4 concise sentences in which you reiterate your thesis statement and discuss the main points again that were presented in your essay.

You should just be sure to restate the previously discussed ideas and briefly describe your opinion of the essay topic. Your final sentences should uphold your main idea in a compelling and clear manner. After completing the whole essay, always cross-check, proofread and edit the essay.

Final Word

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