Privacy Policy

At Cut Price, we value your collaboration with us and respect your concerns to keep your information, both personal and academic, secured. For this, we’ve integrated powerful encryption techniques into our system and safe payment methods to offer maximum privacy.

All the information that you provide at the beginning of our communication is safely kept in our databases which is accessed by only a few senior team members (if required). Once the project is completed and delivered to you, the stored information is deleted from the main source as well as from the backup. In any case, you don’t want us to capture your information in any form, disallow cookies when you first visit our website. Our browser cookies store your location address, IP address, domain name and ID without your consent.

Know that we do everything in our capacity to make your experience a memorable one with us and that’s why we are aiming to keep everything transparent. From order receiving, working to the delivery phase, we plan to keep you in the loop and ensure communicating all the updates to you. For further clarity, check out the below-mentioned privacy policy to know more about your rights and actions that are taken by our esteemed writing company.

How We Collect Your Information?

If you have created accounts and shared information with our partner companies, it may be possible that we get your information from there. However, this is only possible in cases where you have given your consent to the third-party platforms to share your information. Other than this, our browser cookies capture your system’s information once you click on our website link. If you want to avoid cookies, click on disagree when the cookie collection bot pops up.

What Information We Collect and Why We Collect It?

As mentioned above, browser cookies collect your IP address, domain name, ID and device name and other technical information. Other information includes:

  • User’s Name and Last Name – For identity authentication and sending invoices
  • User’s Billing Address – To ensure successful payments after verification of your card details. This includes the correct country, city and ZIP code
  • User’s Email Address – To use it as a main source of communication and to send you promotional offers
  • Phone Number – To connect in case of emergencies
  • Academic Information – To have a clear idea about your academic background and the standards we need to meet

Note that every information that we collect holds significant value to us and is kept under strict security to prevent any data breaches.

What Other Ways Do We Receive Your Information?

There can be more than one obvious ways from where we collect your information.

  • By placing an order on our website either by email, live chat or call
  • By subscribing to our newsletter
  • By requesting for revisions
  • By reviewing our company’s services which can be in the form of both post reviews and feedback

By doing any of the following, you give us the legal right to capture your information. The information can either be personal, educational or financial. However, we may also receive information from third-party software that you have accessed at some point. Therefore, we advise you not to share information that you intend to keep private.

How We Protect Your Information?

By accepting our privacy policy or cookies, you allow us to use your information for order-related purposes. Meanwhile, we keep your information safe by using the latest encryption techniques to prevent data theft. Moreover, we also have protected payment processes over secured servers. Note that your card details are not stored in our databases or servers for any reason. Whatever information is taken, our team makes sure that you know about it and trust us with it.

Know Your Rights

There are a few legal rights that we want you to know before you hire us as your online academic assistance.

  • You have the right to revoke access to any of the information that we have related to you, at any time you want.
  • If you want to know which information we have stored, you can send a request and one of our credible members will look after it.
  • You can specifically restrict us not to share/sell your information to any third-party platform.
  • In case you’ve already availed our service before, you need to permit us to use your previously provided information.
  • You can complain if we do not cater your queries or go against our privacy policy in any way and at any time.

Cut Price reserves all the rights to make amendments and revise the privacy policy if need be without prior information to any of the clients. Please note that in order to completely avail our services, you’ll be required to provide us with the relevant details to receive high-quality papers!